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Why is Greenville So Darn Popular?

Greenville, South Carolina town cityscape

Greenville, South Carolina town cityscape

Greenville, South Carolina has been in the national news often recently, as a modern, fast-developing city with Southern charm. Tourists and residents alike speak highly of the revitalized downtown area, complete with Reedy River Falls and the ever famous Falls Park. In fact, it made the Forbes Magazine list as one of America’s Best Downtowns.

People of all ages love to call Greenville home and appreciate its mild climate and scenic beauty. With an average high in July of 88 degrees, an average low in January of 32 degrees, and minimal snowfall (an average of 2 inches!), Greenville has a very active community with outdoor events most of the year. The many festivals, event venues, recreational facilities, and nearby state parks are a big part of the draw. Sports fans congregate to the Greenville Drive baseball stadium in the heart of downtown to watch games played by the Boston Red Sox Single-A affiliate. Greenville was included in the “Top 5 Best Places To Live And Ride” by Bike Magazine and boasts of more than 51 golf courses.

Greenville is a hub of business activity. At least 245 international companies from 20 countries have a Greenville location, and 170 corporate headquarters are located here. With more foreign manufacturing investment per capita than anywhere else in the entire United States, it is no wonder that Expansion Management Magazine mentioned Greenville as one of “America’s 50 Hottest Cities.”

Sperling’s Best Places statistics show that South Carolina housing is at least 28% cheaper than the national average for the US, with a 7% cheaper overall cost of living (including housing, utilities, health, transportation, and groceries) than the average. Here in the Upstate, we tend to have even more affordability than the SC coastal areas. The greater Greenville area is a very desirable area to reside – it’s located within an hour from mountains, waterfalls, and the Pisgah National Forest while it’s also within a couple of hours from the beach.

Greenville still possesses quaint Southern charm, while growing as a modern city. It has the best of both the old and the new, something for everyone. While downtown apartments are readily available, the homes nearby offer spacious yards. One of the best aspects of the real estate market here is the amount of property that often is included with a home. Many of the older homes have been remodeled on the interior, with updated utilities and amenities, to allow residents to live in modern comfort while maintaining the historical structure and design.

So why is Greenville so darn popular?  Once you experience it first hand, you too will see the reason why we love to call the Upstate of South Carolina home!