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Moving Checklists

Simple advice to make for an easy move.

We've helped countless tenants prepare for an upcoming move over the years, and we know there are a number of responsibilities on your plate. Whether you're preparing to move into a new 4M Property Management home, or you're saying goodbye for now, the checklists below should help to answer any questions you have about the process.

Of course, if you need additional help, please feel free to get in touch with our team. Give us a call: 864-640-8877 or contact us via the tenant portal.

Move-in Checklist

Let us be the first to congratulate you on your acceptance into one of our rental properties. We know you're excited to get the keys, so please make certain you keep the following in mind:

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

You will need to take care of your first month's rent payment, all applicable security deposits, and any additional fees at the time of your lease signing. We would appreciate it if you could confirm the total amounts with us in advance to avoid any hiccups on the day of the signing.

Move-in Date & Report

We will provide all necessary information for taking possession of your home at the lease signing. We will also provide information regarding the move-in report at this time.


We require all utility accounts to be put in the name of the leaseholder(s). Take care of this immediately upon moving in to the home, or you may encounter outages and administrative fees.

Renter's Insurance

You must obtain renter's insurance to comply with our lease. 4M Property Management must be listed on your policy as an additional interest. Please provide documentation showing appropriate coverage within seven days of taking occupancy.



Move-out Checklist

We're always sad to say goodbye to great tenants, but we wish you the best of luck moving forward. Please end your tenancy on the right foot by taking care of the following important responsibilities:

Notice of Intent to Vacate

As a tenant, you must provide written notice of your intent to vacate the rental property. This serves as confirmation for both parties. Refer to your lease for the terms and conditions governing your stay with us.

After we receive your written notification, we will provide you with a complete move-out guide to facilitate the process.

Property Condition

Your rental home should be returned to us in the same condition you found it:

  • Rental Cleaning: Take the time to thoroughly clean your rental home before you return the keys. You must remove all personal belongings from the residence, along with any refuse and garbage. Thoroughly vacuum/sweep/mop all floors, wash hard surfaces, and sanitize areas of concern, such as the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: Assuming you live in a private home, you are also responsible for addressing any outdoor chores once more before leaving. This may include mowing the lawn, removing garbage, and replacing outdoor bulbs.
  • Repairs: Remember, normal wear and tear is the only concession made for your rental property. Any damage that occurs during your stay must be properly addressed. This may include repainting stained areas and  patching holes in the walls. If significant damage has occurred, speak to a member of our team to find an amicable solution.

Security Deposit

The security deposit you provide at the beginning of your tenancy protects against potential damage during your stay. After you leave the premises, we will conduct a move-out report to identify any problems that remain. If repairs are necessary, we will work with our vendors to restore the property to its original condition. All expenses will be deducted from your deposit, before the remainder is returned to you.